Based on the following story, continue the story by writing two paragraphs, paragraph 1 beginning with "A few weeks later, I went to the farm again. " and paragraph 2 beginning with "I was just about to leave when the hummingbird appeared."respectively with 150 words. I was invited to a cookout on an old friend's farm in western Washington. I parked my car outside the farm and walked past a milking house which had apparently not been used in many years.A noise at a window caught my attention,so I entered it. It was a hummingbird,desperately trying to escape. She was covered in spider-webs and was barely able to move her wings. She ceased her struggle the instant I picked her up. With the bird in my cupped hand, I looked around to see how she had gotten in. The broken window glass was the likely answer. I stuffed a piece of cloth into the hole and took her outside,closing the door securely behind me. When I opened my hand, the bird did not fly away; she sat looking at me with her bright eyes.I removed the sticky spider-webs that covered her head and wings. Still, she made no attempt to fly.Perhaps she had been struggling against the window too long and was too tired? Or too thirsty? As I carried her up the blackberry-lined path toward my car where I kept a water bottle, she began to move. I stopped, and she soon took wing but did not immediately fly away. Hovering,she approached within six inches of my face. For a very long moment,this tiny creature looked into my eyes, turning her head from side to side. Then she flew quickly out of sight. During the cookout, I told my hosts about the hummingbird incident. They promised to fix the window. As I was departing, my friends walked me to my car. I was standing by the car when a hummingbird flew to the center of our group and began hovering. She turned from person to person until she came to me. She again looked directly into my eyes, then let out a squeaking call and was gone. For a moment, all were speechless. Then someone said, “She must have come to say good-bye.”

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A few weeks later, I went to the farm again. I was eager to see if the broken window had been repaired, and if the hummingbird was still around. When I arrived, I saw that the window was indeed fixed and I was happy to know that the bird would no longer have to struggle to escape. As I walked around the farm, I couldn't help but think of the encounter with the hummingbird and how she had looked into my eyes. It was a moment I would never forget. I was just about to leave when the hummingbird appeared. I was walking to my car when I heard a faint chirping sound. I turned around to see a tiny hummingbird hovering in the air. She looked at me for a moment and then flew towards me. She hovered in front of my face, chirping and squeaking. I was in awe, it was as if she remembered me from our last encounter. She continued to chirp and fly around me, and I couldn't help but feel a connection with this tiny bird. It was a magical moment, and I will always remember it.



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The Scientist and Engineer Guide to Digital Signal Processing——Second Edition by Steven W. Smith This book was written for scientists and engineers in a wide variety of fields: physics, ...



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为了获得的目的图卢兹大学博士学位发布人:图卢兹国立理工学院(图卢兹INP)学科或专业:计算机与电信提交人和支持人:M. 托马斯·福吉奥尼2019年11月29日星期五标题:海量3D模型的自适应传输博士学校:图卢兹数学、计算机科学、电信(MITT)研究单位:图卢兹计算机科学研究所(IRIT)论文主任:M. 文森特·查维拉特M.阿克塞尔·卡里尔报告员:M. GWendal Simon,大西洋IMTSIDONIE CHRISTOPHE女士,国家地理研究所评审团成员:M. MAARTEN WIJNANTS,哈塞尔大学,校长M. AXEL CARLIER,图卢兹INP,成员M. GILLES GESQUIERE,里昂第二大学,成员Géraldine Morin女士,图卢兹INP,成员M. VINCENT CHARVILLAT,图卢兹INP,成员M. Wei Tsang Ooi,新加坡国立大学,研究员基于HTTP的动态自适应3D流媒体2019年11月29日星期五,图卢兹INP授予图卢兹大学博士学位,由ThomasForgione发表并答辩Gilles Gesquière�

1.创建以自己姓名拼音缩写为名的数据库,创建n+自己班级序号(如n10)为名的数据表。2.表结构为3列:第1列列名为id,设为主键、自增;第2列列名为name;第3列自拟。 3.为数据表创建模型,编写相应的路由、控制器和视图,视图中用无序列表(ul 标签)呈现数据表name列所有数据。 4.创建视图,在表单中提供两个文本框,第一个文本框用于输入以上数据表id列相应数值,以post方式提交表单。 5.控制器方法根据表单提交的id值,将相应行的name列修改为第二个文本框中输入的数据。

步骤如下: 1. 创建数据库和数据表 创建名为xny_n10的数据表,其中xny为姓名拼音缩写,n10为班级序号。 ``` CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS xny_n10; USE xny_n10; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS xny_n10 ( id INT(11) PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, name VARCHAR(50), column3 VARCHAR(50) ); ``` 2. 创建模型 在app/Models目录下创建XnyN10.php文件,定义XnyN10模型类,继承自I